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BMW 320d

Had my BMW 320d coupe engine and gearbox (stage3) remapped yesterday and i am well chuffed with the results. What a difference it has made to the car. The power is intant now and the torque is amazing. The gear changes are so quick and smooth.

A massive thank you to the lads at map-tech. I just love driving this car

Mini cooper 1.6


I couldn't thank Gareth enough for the very first question I asked him to the last his knowledge was second to none. Nothing seemed to be too much too ask. The fact that he's always willing to travel to complete a job is amazing. The difference that I can feel is superb although its a known fact its very hard to get any extra out of the cooper engine, but it's there. I'll be happily recommending his services to my friends and family when they want there's doing. Excellent job keep it up - Ross Leggit, Rotherham

BMW 325i

Had my BMW E92 N53 325i tuned by Gareth (grey one on the 23 Aug 17). A true professional, thorough and diligent. Though mine was down on stock by a few horses (likely due to faulty NOx sensor), the tune completely changes the car for the better: noticeably faster acceleration, no more pinking or flat spots on the curve, and a surge of torque past 4k revs which wasn't there before. 210bhp vs 263bhp is a considerable difference - this puts it also ahead of the US 328i E92 models even with the NOx sensor issue.

325i N53 owners need to consider having this work done - you're unlocking a mass of untapped potential which BMW deliberately muzzled. They changed to producing a single N53 3.0 engine block from two derivatives, and only detuned/used a different intake manifold to justify the price difference they were charging new customers. As Gareth has explained elsewhere, this was all a sales driven exercise as you wouldn't want a 325i customer to know they could achieve a 330i for a lot less than a dealer was quoting for the next model up - despite using the same engine. This ecu tune also achieves this without the considerably expensive manifold and additional potential issues with swirl flaps.

Map-Tech are also more reasonably priced than their competitors, but no less capable. My car is my pride and joy, a symbol of much hard graft and special to me (hence why I didn't 'just' sell it and buy a 330i), and yet I felt safe throughout with it in Gareth's hands.

Will gladly use again in the future. 10/10 on all accounts.- Mark Foster

Subaru Impreza

Took my 2005 Impreza Wrx for remap today, what a great service ever so helpful and full of knowledge, car runs a dream. Thanks Gareth, we will be using you again and will pass your number to friends and family. Reguards Kris and Mel - Mel Waddingham

Ford Focus

Map-Tech just carried out a remap on my wife's Focus 1.0 Ecoboost, increasing it to close to 150BHP. It drives great now, much more pull in mid-range for overtaking. Found the guys here to be very knowledgeable and conscientious, will be taking my car in to get done before too long. Highly recommended. By the way, fully declared to insurance and only added £20 to the annual premium.- Joel Warburton

Subaru Impreza 2.5 WRX

Subaru Impreza 2.5 WRX

Just wanted to thank you for great job you done with my Scooby today it was already quick but it now has a new dimension to to the power delivery,overtaking is now so easy in any gear and from a standing start the pick up is now Awesome!I will be recommending your services to all my friends that are looking for a remap and will also be bringing my Turbo Diesel to you for a remap. Once again I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of work and customer service provided and if anybody has any doubts about using you please don't hesitate to use me as a reference - Steve Herman

BMW 5 Series

Above and beyond what I was expecting sent a msg off late at night not expecting a response and got one, power of social media. Took in a poorly e61 and the cured a blocked dpf and found my swirl flaps where knackered even BMW missed that. Recommending these guys to all!- Paul Higgs


Just had my 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland with the 3.0 Mercedes engine remapped Tues 10th Oct. 50bhp and 90torques better response all round - gets up and goes like my 4.7 V8 Jeep. Happy days - Paul Holloway

Mercedes CLA

Brought my Mercedes cla in for a cheeky remap at the weekend. Massive difference and runs perfectly defo worth the money and would recommend these guys to other people .. cheers!- Mike McDonald

Vauxhall Vivaro

My vivaro went in for a remap today and the van feels so much better I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Gareth and Ian awesome work- Ben Thorne

Range Rover TD6

Range Rover TD6

Just got back from travelling around England and Scotland with our nephew from Australia. We are so pleased we had our Ranage Rover TD6 remapped before we went away, towing a 21' caravan too, the car pulled uphill with no problems, gained more power and was so much more economical. On the mountains around Scotland we needed plenty of power but there was plenty more to be had! We would just like to say thank you for your service, I think it has nearly paid for itself already as we managed to get approx 30 to 35 miles per gallon towing !! we were very surprised and recommend this to anybody - Mrs Barbara Mychajluk

Porsche 996

I selected Map-Tech on a recommendation from my parts supplier from the USA. Gareth owns the same car with similar upgrades, so it made sense to take my car to a company that had prior experience to working on these cars - I understand they have also worked on 996's before so I had confidence of their knowledge of the problems which could be encountered.

I travelled from Surrey to Brigg to get the work done, which would take roughly 1 week. I had my Porsche 996 Turbo in for a Stage 3 upgrade where I was providing the core upgrade components (provided by Markski Tuning). Prior to work starting, comms with Gareth were clear, timely and transparent. When I dropped the car off on a Saturday, Gareth kindly allowed me to drive his 996 Turbo get a feel for what I would be getting - WOW!. Ian started stripping the car and gave me confidence that my P&J would be carefully cared for and properly put back together again.

During the week of the work, comms were regular and clear with both Ian and Gareth, with many updated and pictures being shared, as well as any snags or issues that they came across and suggested ways forward. The team were in control and always had a suggested way forward (lets be honest, this type of upgrades is never going to be a straight forward job without some minor snags), sourcing parts as needed from Porsche etc.

When I returned the following Saturday to collect my car, it had been washed and was looking great. The guys had already some some data logging which MarkskiTuning had worked his magic on. I was even able to do some logging with Gareth to get the final tune prepared, and was given some training on how to use the handheld map loader (My Genius) that I had also purchased.

When driving the car, the difference was's like the 996 turbo wasn't really trying before hand - power is relentless and it just doesn't stop pulling. I may have a permanent smile on my face when under boost (1.3 bar by the way!)

In summary, I highly recommend Gareth and Ian at Map-Tech. They really do care about clients cars and take time to talk through any questions or concerns you may have. For any Porsche Turbo owners who want to go down the route of modifications (Stage 1 onwards), Map-Tech should be on the list for high quality, competitively priced companies.

Many thanks Gareth and Ian :-)- Sachin Bhambri

Vauxhall Insignia

Got my insignia remapped and had the dpf removed the other day and the difference in performance is immense it has completely transformed the car acceleration now in third fourth fifth and sixth is so different fourth gear pull now out accelerates my Vxr astra ! Anyone who has a standard insignia get it done you won't be disappointed the fuel consumption has also increased getting more mpg as well love it- Ryan Tidgwell

Audi A4 tdi

Such a fantastic guy. Nothing is too much for him to explain. Remaps are absolutely fantastic at a great price and the new carbon clean seems great too! My car starts easier and 120miles in 1/8 of a tank in a 2.0 TDI 170 A4. Thanks Gareth- Stephen Cope

Ford Focus ST 225BHP

Ford Focus ST 225BHP

I have recently had my Ford Focus ST re-mapped by you and its absolutely brilliant. I have been thinking about getting it re-mapped for some time and decided to have it done after talking to a friend whos Corsa VXR you have done. It now has constant power all the way through the gears and is almost as quick as my sons Focus RS. You service has been second to none you turned up when you said you would and completed the job in very quick time. Gareth is very polite and willing to explain to the customer all about the re-mapping and what it will do to the car. I have passed your number onto 3 family members and i am going to sing your praise's at work. On a final note you need to charge more as all the chips i have priced up in the past have been £350 + and yours was no where near this. If you are a perspective customer reading this on the testimonials section of MAP-TECH's web site then ring them with your car details after getting some other prices from other companys...I think it will be your last call..

Thanks Gareth you are a diamond - Rick from Nottinghamshire


I can't recommend Map-tech enough. Took my Audi in for a map today to make use of the Hybrid turbo and wow what a difference they have made. Many thanks- Mark Garfoot


I Would highly recommend these guys to any 1 they remapped my seat Leon FR today it feels great pulls well,sounds a lot better and Is better on fuel they where more than happy to answer any questions I had aswell..great pair of lads that know there stuff- Kyle Garton


Had my t5.1 remapped and it is so much more responsive in every gear massive change to my van I recommend map tech very highly Cheers for the smiles- Craig Gin Buckley

BMW 330D

BMW 330D

I have recently had Map-Tech over to remap my 330d. I was hoping to improve the performance and also improve the fuel efficiency. My other car is a Porsche 911 so the BMW often feels a little lacking.

Map-Tech came to my house to do the work and i must say i am delighted with the results. The car definately has more power, in fact it feels like it accelerates as fast as the Carrera 2 up to about 60. As for fuel efficiency, I have already noticed a saving but it is a little early to give accurate figures as I need to do a decent motorway run. I will report back later.

After living with the remap for two weeks I can now confirm impressive fuel savings. Prior to the remap I was getting 480 miles to a tankfull of diesel. I am now getting 550 without changing my driving style. Combined with the improved performance I am very pleased - M Finlay

Audi TT

Took my Tt 225 in for stage 1 remap couldn't be happier! Car feels a lot quicker and mpg is noticeably higher, great guys can recommend to anyone- Ash Ward

BMW 535d

Remapped my 535d giving it 380bhp and defo could tell the difference. Thanks mate- Dale McGill


Had doubts after hearing stories about cars being map badly. But none when I went to this guy! He clearly knows what he's doing and my car now drives so much better !- Luke Wilson

Saab 9-3 Aero 2.0t

Saab 9-3 Aero 2.0t

Its just what the car needed. Its much more responsive and doesnt seem flat at all. Power all the way up through the gears. No lag etc. It has transformed the car, but also really smooth at the same time, would recomend Map-Tech to anyone interest - Mr Tampakakis


Cannot recommend Enough, extremely helpful and even took the time to diagnose some airbag faults that were completely unrelated while I waited that otherwise would've cost me a diagnostic check elsewhere.- Chris Magee

BMW e60

Thanks to Gareth & Ian for remapping my e60. Power delivery is excellent, very good service & well priced! Thanks guys!- Jonny Goddard

BMW 530d

BMW 530d dpf delete egr delete and power map . Car is savage now . On motorways it is ridiculous - David Mccabe

Audi A5

Highly recommended made a massive difference to my 2.0tdi Audi A5 feels like a different car! -Martin Fraiwald

BMW 330D

These gents no there business well pleased with the remap on my 330d msport - Stewart Carter


i had stage 1 remap done on my insignia by these guys, it feels awesome! highly recommended! - Mihai Gherasim


I've used map-tech 4 times to re-map various vehicles , superb job every time! Would highly recommend. - Jonny Jowett

BMW 325


Map-Tech came to my house to do the remap at a time specified by myself.The remap didn't take long to complete.

My car has always gone well but now runs even more freely and revs more smoothly , especially above 4000 rpm.It definately feels more responsive and driveable.

I have since recomended Map-Tech to a friend who is equally delighted with his results.

Mr Bennett, Barton upon Humber

Vauxhall Vectra

Had my Vectra remapped and EGR delete done, the difference was immense, highly recommend!! Went from 150 BHP to 203! - Daniel Carling

Vauxhall Astra

Took my astra after previously having a bad remap and with his map I could instantly tell the difference so much smoother better power delivery and excellent customer service he's a top bloke and carnt recommend him enough!! If you need a remap and not sure where to go this is the place to go! thanks again - Graham Lewry


Been over to have an E92 M3 remapped today. Great customer service and the car drives great and feels smoother. Highly recommend this company! - Jamie Somerville-Woodiwis

Seat FR

Gareth had a fully booked busy day but still managed to get my FR in to get it mapped for me. Such an improvement from before, a lot more responsive! Highly recommended! - Danny Kirman

BMW 135i

BMW 135i

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FORD Fiesta ST

FORD Fiesta ST

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BMW 4 Series

BMW 4 Series

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Renault Megane RS250

Renault Megane RS250

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